Polaris Eyewear

Polaris rimless eyewear

Polaris eyewear is handcrafted, bespoke rimless eyewear – designed to be as individual as the wearer.

SPD rim

Minimal in style, the bespoke range is distinguished by the pairing of quality titanium and NXT.


Cutting edge materials and design produce bespoke, lightweight frames tailored to fit the wearer perfectly.

Polaris Eyewear

Polaris Eyewear have been pioneering bespoke, luxury eyewear from the North of Sweden since 1979. A person’s eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul and we believe eyewear should highlight and reflect the personality of the wearer. We combine state of the art technology and traditional handcraftsmanship to create unique eyewear, as individual as the wearer.

The bespoke Polaris experience is available in both: Polaris rimless and the lightweight Staffan Preutz Design full frame range.