SPD Sizes

SPD size changes

Staffan Preutz Design can be tailored to fit perfectly for the best cosmetic and optical effect. The size modifications available are listed below:

  • *1 = -2mm each lens
  • *2 = -4mm each lens
  • *3 = +2mm each lens
  • *4 = +4mm each lens
  • *5 = -2mm in width each lens
  • *6 = -4mm in width each lens
  • *7 = +2mm in width each lens
  • *8 = +4mm in width each lens
  • *9 = +2mm on bottom of each lens
To reduce each lens size by 2mm in width and height as above, order size change *1 (-2mm).
To add 2mm in depth to the shape, useful for accommodating progressive lenses, order size change *9 (+2mm on bottom).

NOTE: Distance between lenses (DBL) remains constant when changing size.


  • The bridge and lugs can be manipulated using light pressure. No heating is required.
  • An alternative bridge is available for those that require the frame to sit slightly higher and further away from the face. For more information please contact our customer service team.