Polaris SP

Polaris SP

Ingenious minimal design.


SP fitting

To ensure maximum comfort for the wearer it is important to adjust the SP design correctly in the first instance.

  • Open the frame wider than the head of the wearer as this will open up the bridge, which is the first point of contact on the face.
  • Once the bridge is positioned correctly, place the temporal pads on the temporal bone and adjust the position with special consideration to the pantoscopic tilt.
    The SP eyewear when ordered for a customer will be set up for an average fitting and should only require minor adjustments.

Instructions for adjustments

Adjustments on the SP design can often be carried out by hand. If tools are required common pad or flat pliers are used.

Bridge pressure
The width of the bridge is adjusted by taking a good grip with flat pliers around the highest point of the pad arm marked as point (1) on the diagram and then using the fingers to bend the pad into position. Adjust the angle of the pads using common pad pliers.

Pantoscopic tilt
This is adjusted by hand at the point marked (2) on the diagram.

Temporal pad pressure
This is adjusted by placing pressure at the points marked (3) on the diagram. Adjust the angle using flat pliers.

The titanium alloy is extremely flexible and can be adjusted with ease. An important point to remember is that for any adjustments to the frame, the metal must be “over bent” to accommodate the adjustment. Although flexible, when fitted correctly the SP will retain its shape when worn.

Note 1: All adjustments must be sequentially followed to ensure the correct fitting of the eyewear in the first instance.
Note 2: To enable the SP eyewear to fit comfortably, ensure the pad pressure is not too great and mainly on the areas marked with a yellow spot on the diagram.