Polaris Rimless

Individually handcrafted
Tailored to fit perfectly
Personal to you

Polaris has achieved global success through an enviable reputation for quality, knowledge and vision.

Polaris eyewear is handcrafted, bespoke rimless eyewear – designed to be as individual as the wearer. Any lens shape can be selected with your chosen frame and colour. Additional features can be added to reflect your personal style. Once the lens size is tailored to fit precisely, Polaris eyewear is crafted with excellence and supplied with a unique aftercare service.

True luxury eyewear.



1. Lens shape
2. Tailor lens size
3. Frame style
4. Frame colour
5. Lens features such as facets, polcircles & more (optional)

Polaris lens features

We use traditional handcrafted techniques to produce unique lens features.